The PhD curriculum in "Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems" covers a range of topics of interest in the Earth Sciences. These include mineralogy, geophysics, tectonics, geochemistry/petrology, structural geology, sedimentology, earth surface processes, and Earth Science Education (e.g., PhD students in Earth Sciences are usually affiliated with the Geology Division (, which hosts research groups enjoying close connections with local, national and international partners. Moreover, the PhD programs in Earth Sciences include activities that cross interdisciplinary boundaries and include active collaborations with other Science Divisions including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. The overall philosophy is to try to treat Earth Science problems from a quantitative point of view, hence the important collaborations with other scientific disciplines, within Camerino, and also including valuable international collaborations for many topics.

Employment prospects for PhD graduates include academic institutions, government and private research labs, private industries (petroleum, mining, materials science, environmental applications). 

Some PhD students in Earth Sciences are also involved in applied research projects (EUREKA), financed in collaboration with the Regione Marche, UniCam and enterprises of the Marche Region. Current projects include geothermal energy, hydrological problems, and work at the interface between seismology and building construction.

Phd Coordinator

Michael Robert Carroll

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