Curricula related skills

Please click on the PhD course of your interest to display the list of thematic option courses and seminars scheduled for 2023/2024

    • Agriculture and agrifood
    • Climate, energy and mobility
    • Economics and finance
    • Health and well-being   
    • Industry 4.0      
    • Law and governance     
    • Methodologies, technologies and tools
    • Social systems and and smart societies 
    • Social systems and smart societies
    • Molecular Biology and cellular Biotechnology
    • One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and the environment)
    • Nutrition, Food and Health
  • Neglected and Poverty-related parasitic diseases in a One Health Perspective
  • Theoretical and Applied Neuroscience 
    • Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience
    • Computational and system neuroscience
    • Neuroscience and humanities
    • Preclinical clinical and translational neuroscience


Please note: PhD candidates can plan individual study plans and therefore can attend courses in other areas of interest