Forms and procedures

Forms and procedures


During your stay abroad, you are entitled in receiving a 50% increase in salary increase.

The document you need to apply for the salary increase are:

1) an invitation letter from the University/research center where you are going to spend your research period

2) the PhD coordinator has to fill this form

3) in addition, your supervisor has to declare that the research experience you are going to conduct abroad is useful for the research project you are carrying out at UNICAM

When the documents are ready, please submitt them to the SAS office.

To receive the increase you have to send a letter signed from your supervisor abroad stating that you have worked by them from (date) to (date).  




Procedure to be followed to ask for reimbursement - short term mobility


Portal address


Login with your credentials: USERNAME _______________ PASSWORD ______________


From Home page select 'Missioni / Trasferte'




1. Header

- 'Fill the “missioni” authorization form'                            (at least 5 days before leaving)

- In service at : in the drop down menu select UNICAM Amministrazione Centrale => 'School of Advanced Studies'

- As a 'PhD candidate'

- Resident in _______________


Add name and e-mail address of the UNICAM Tutor: ______________


For non-EU countries, you can request a health insurance policy coverage by paying a fee.


2. Departure and Destination

3. Purpose of the work trip

4. Departure / return dates

5. Transport

6. Request of advance payment (if requested and motivated)

7. Budget for reimbursement

8. Send request

Once all data are entered, the “missione” is tacitly approved within 24 hours. If something has to be added, the Tutor, the Manager or the SAS Director may request further information or not authorize the mission.



Once you are back, go to:

From Home page select 'Missioni / Trasferte'



Select the work trip you want to request a refund for and generate the file to fill it out.

Once all data are entered, the form has to be printed and signed by the PhD candidate and the Tutor.  Enclose all the hard copies of the receipts of the expenses you afforded, and send them by internal mail in a closed envelope to the office in charge (School of Advanced Studies)

You’ll receive by e-mail notification on date and amount of the reimbursement.


Please note: For work trips to be paid by funds of the Tutors or by funds allocated in the University Schools, you must log in as follows:

1. Header

- 'Fill out “missioni” authorization form'                            (at least 5 days before leaving)

- In service at the ' Scuola di Ateneo’  of reference and NOT at the 'School of Advanced Studies'.




Administrative form templates available here below

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