Final exam and doctoral thesis

Application for graduation

At the end of the final year of the doctoral program, the Faculty Board evaluates the research activity carrier out throughout the course and decides on admission to the final examination. Eligible doctoral candidates are informed by the Coordinator and admitted to the examination, with the decision subsequently transmitted to the SAS Council.

Within 30 days from the end of the final year, doctoral candidates must submit an electronic version of the doctoral thesis to the SAS via a dedicated portal, primarily written in English.

The SAS sends the thesis to external evaluators, at least two experts external to Unicam, who assess the thesis and propose admission to the final examination or a deferral for integrations or corrections within six months. After the review period, the thesis is still admiited to the public discussion.

External evaluators have one month to communicate their evaluation, after which the thesis is sent to the members of the Commission, who also consider the opinion of the external evaluators.

In justified cases of delay in submitting the doctoral thesis, the Faculty Board may grant a maximum extension of twelve months upon request of the doctoral candidate, without additional financial obligations for the University.

Procedures for the final exam

Doctoral candidates must submit a request for registration for the final examination using the form provided by the office, available on this page below. Candidates will be informed of the examination schedule at least 20 dyas before the exam. The Commission for the degree award session is appointed by the SAS Dicrector, upon proposal of the Faculty Board and the Coordinator of the Doctoral Course, and must consist of at least two-thirds of members external to the administrative headquarters of the course. Normally, the final examination takes place in person, unless otherwise agreed for international or associated doctorates. It is not possible to retake the final examination. In case of illness or force majeure preventing the candidate from taking the exam on the scheduled date, it is possible to request the SAS Director to schedule an alternative date, taking into account the exceptional circumstances. At the end of the exam, the Commission prepares a report and issues a written assessment for each candidate, ensuring transparency in the evaluation procedures. Upon successful completion of the final examination, the title of Dottore di Ricerca is conferred. A temporary certification of the degree attainment may be requested while awaiting the original diploma.