The PhD program in Chemical Sciences aims to train creative and competent scientists in the field of chemical and material sciences through the pursuit of scientifically important research problems. The design, synthesis, characterization and properties of new molecules and materials strongly demand sophisticated scientist at PhD level of education, bridging the gap between academy and industry. The projects are also related to many of the priority themes of the European Research Council (ERC). The  tutors have important collaborations at international level with academy and industry. These collaborations are essential to keep a top research level, but also they represent valid career opportunities for the Ph.D. students at the end of the formation period.

Learning objectives:

-       Fundamental tools of reactions methodology for the construction of metal complexes and poly-functionalized molecules.
-       Studies toward the development of advanced synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, bio-organic and bio-inorganic chemistry.
-       Fine chemicals synthesis through new generation methodologies and environmentally friendly reagents.
-       Synthesis and characterization of systems to be employed as catalysts in organic reactions using environmental sustainable conditions and of advanced materials for energetic electrochemistry.
-       Research and development of new efficient inorganic and organometallic compounds and coordination polymers for health, energy and environment.
-       Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposite materials to be employed in energy generation, conversion and storage devices such as photovoltaic and photocatalytic devices, fuel cells, rechargeable batteries.



Phd Coordinator

Alessandro Palmieri

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