Career suspension, leaves of absence, extensions

The Ph.D. candidate can request the suspension or deferment of the start date or the conduct of activities in compliance with the current regulations. This can be requested for reasons such as maternity, paternity, serious and documented illness, attendance of teacher training courses, fulfillment of military obligations, or obtaining entry visas to Italy for non-EU citizens.

The suspension can last up to six months, subject to authorization from the Faculty Board approved by the SAS Council. In cases of serious personal or familty reasons, the suspension period can be extended with approval from the Faculty Board.

Requests should be submitted to the Faculty Board with administrative support available via

At the end of the suspension, the candidate must notify their return to activities to the course coordinator. 

During the suspension, no funding is provided,and the candidate's career is put on hold.

The recovery of missed training activities will be determined by the Faculty Board, ensuring that the overall course duration is not shortened.

In case where the thesis cannot be submitted within the stipulated timeframe, the Faculty Board may grant an extension of up to twelve months upon request, with no additional financial obligations. The cumulative periods of extension and suspension cannot exceed 18 months in total.