The PhD curriculum in "Theoretical and Experimental Physics" includes a variety of scientific topics ranging from Condensed Matter, Nuclear, Many-body physics to Material Science, Nanotechnology, Quantum information, Quantum Optics and Physics education. PhD students in Physics are usually affiliated with the Physics Division (, hosting several research groups enjoying close connections with local, national and international partners. Moreover, the PhD programs in Physics include activities at the frontier of different scientific disciplines in connection to other Science Divisions including Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Computer Science.

Experimental, theoretical and computational activities are carried out within the Physics Division. The research groups ( have a solid international reputation and results obtained by our scientists are reported in many publications on high-level international magazines. The recent evaluation of the research activities has confirmed that the Physics Division at UniCam is ranked among the best Italian research Institutes in Physics (see

Our PhD programs in Physics are conceived to involve our PhD students in advanced research activities, in deep interconnection with foreign international laboratories. The educational programs usually include extended visits in foreign institutions within established collaboration programs. The stimulating research environment and the variety of national and international collaborations is regarded as an important asset for PhD students looking either for further involvement in advanced scientific research in international institutions or for a job requiring top-level education (see for example

Several PhD students in Physics are also being included in applied research projects (EUREKA), financed in collaboration with Regione Marche, UniCam and enterprises of Marche Region. Those projects may involve different topics of interest for local enterprises, ranging from sustainable energy development to prototype design and modeling, optical systems, and more.

Phd Coordinator

Andrea Perali

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