The Doctoral Program in Computer Science and Mathematics aims to provide a comprehensive educational pathway at the University of Camerino, involving researchers from neighboring universities as well as nationally and internationally recognized researchers who play a prominent role in their research areas. The project is aligned with the strategic objectives outlined in the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan, which emphasizes the importance of smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. It recognizes the role of new digital tools in supporting and accelerating the green transition and the development of a resilient, inclusive, and democratic society.

Starting from the foundations of Computer Science and Mathematics, the proposed project aims to develop methodologies, tools, and technologies and their applications to support economic competitiveness and societal growth. To better support and facilitate interaction with the local community, the educational program will also consider applied aspects and technology transfer.



The Doctoral Program in Computer Science and Mathematics aims to train researchers and professionals capable of independently making significant contributions to advancing knowledge in the foundations of Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as in the development of innovative applications and technologies. 

The identified research areas include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems;
  • Computing and Mathematics;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Data Science and Machine Learning;
  • Distributed and Embedded Systems;
  • Explainable AI and Knowledge Representation;
  • Process Management;
  • Quality Assurance for Complex Software Systems;
  • Software and Information System Engineering.

The PhD graduate will be able to identify and understand research issues in the relevant fields, as well as to define research and development plans in application domains where problems require innovative solutions and technologies, including health protection (teleassistance, telemedicine), risk assessment, and seismic vulnerability.



The knowledge and skills acquired by the students who complete the doctoral program will enable them to enter employment at companies, public or private institutions, research organizations, and universities where the study and management of complex issues using methodological approaches and tools in computer science and mathematics are relevant and necessary.

The training of doctoral researchers, also oriented towards the academic field, will follow the best international practices to carry out research activities in the corresponding disciplines and prepare candidates for entry into the world of research. At the same time, the acquired skills will enable them to support the generation of innovation and development within national and international companies.

Furthermore, the transversal skills acquired during the doctoral program will enable future doctoral researchers to establish startups and new business ventures that can thrive in the national and international landscape.