RESEARCH TOPICS and related Subtopics for the PhD in “Computer Science and Mathematics”



Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (

  •  Adaptive control and optimisation
  • Adaptation policies
  • Collective and adaptive systems
  •  Knowledge representation and autonomic reasoning

Computing and Mathematics ( ,

  • Algebraic and logical aspects of computing)
  • Computational Models and Models of Computation
  • Formal languages
  • Algebraic languages for specific domains
  • Model theory
  • Methodological aspects of science education

Cybersecurity (

  • Access Control and Resource Usage Policies
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Design of Resilient Systems
  •  Network security
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

Data Science and Machine Learning (

  • Data driven models of complex systems
  • Topology-based data analysis methods
  • Data driven system verification
  • Optimization and econometric techniques
  • Discriminative and generative modelling

Embedded Systems and IoT (

  •  Middleware and services
  • Communication and networking for wireless and embedded systems
  • Specifica, progettazione e analisi, e verifica di sistemi embedded distribuiti
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Energy efficiency and harvesting

Process Management (

  • Continuous improvement of Process Aware Information Systems
  •  Collaborative and Distributed Business Process Enactment including Blockchain
  • Models for Process Intensive Systems
  • Process Mining Techniques
  • Simulation and Verification of Data-Aware Collaboration Models

Software and Information System Engineering (

  • Engineering of Enterprise Architecture
  • Applied Formal Methods and Verification Tools
  • Testing and Verification in distributed setting
  •  Quantitative Analysis and Tools
  • Runtime Monitoring and Verification
Optimization and Machine Learning (
  • Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
  • Support Vector Machines 
  • Optimization Methods in Machine Learning

Machine learning econometrics for business analytics and finance (

Natural language processing for business analytics and finance (


Intelligent Civil Engineering (


• Collective and adaptive systems for the analysis of Risk Assessment and Vulnerability 

• Predictive models for Structural Health Monitoring 

• Mathematical models for Earthquake Engineering   

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