Fundamental Rights in the Global Society

Fundamental Rights in the Global Society


The Phd course in Legal and Social Sciences is divided into two curricula, and trains researchers and professional who can deal, in a profound interdisciplinary context, with the topics related to the guarantee of the individual’s fundamental rights both in its personal dimension and in relation with public authorities.

For the Civil Law and Constitutional Legality curriculum, person and market is the main binomial.

The Fundamental Rights in global society curriculum provides skills and abilities insuring the phd candidate a training on human and fundamental rights from a Eauropean and International perspective.

The Curriculum Fundamental rights in the global society  will train researchers able to manage – starting from different disciplinary approaches – issues related to the globalization of the language of rights, their constitutional role as fundamental rights in national and supranational law systems, the tension between universalism and particularism resulting from Western origin of language rights and the need to interpret it in different cultural contexts.

A special care will be paid to the following profiles:

-              historical roots;

-              theoretical and constitutional status of human rights;

-              evolution and risks related to economic and social transformations;

-              internal, transnational and international facets of their protection.

Phd Coordinator

Carlotta Latini

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