Dual enrolment

With the recent regulations such as Law 33/2022 and DM 930/2022, it is now possible to enroll simultaneously in university courses under certain conditions.

While maintaining full-time commitment to the doctoral course, it is permissible to concurrently attend master's or specialization schools.

However, it essential to ensure compatibility between the two programs in accordance with current regulations and subject to evaluation by the relevant Faculty Board. At UNICAM, this evaluation falls primarily under the responsibility of the Faculty Board of the respective doctoral course, with input also required from the entity providing the other course, if applicable.

Therefore, doctoral students must seek prior authorization for dual enrollement from the Faculty Board of their course, after consulting with their supervisor and communicating with the Course Coordinator (via email or any form provided by UNICAM), providing pertinent information for assessment such as course name, provider entity, level (e.g., first-level master's, etc.), ECTS credits, duration (in months), and anticipated start and end dates. If available, authorization from the provider of the other course may be provided; otherwise, it can be submitted as soon as it becomes available.

However, it is not permitted to simultaneously benefit from a doctoral scholarship and any other remuneration, regardless of denomination, received in relation to activities in specialization schools or other scholarships. Doctoral scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships or subsidies from the university budget and/or the state, except for those intended to complement the doctoral student's training and research activities with overseas stays. Furthermore, doctoral scholarships cannot be combined with research grants or contracts for apprenticeship in advanced training and research.