History of science

In the framework of the SAS ACTIVITIES 2017 to acquire transferable skills, on May 24 will take place a seminar on the History of science.
The seminar entitled "How Darwin proved evolution" will be held by Prof. David J. Archibald at the Restaurant "Torre del Parco" loc. Torre del Parco, Camerino
Participation is mandatory for Doctoral candidates enrolled in the first year


Archibald Bio
– BSc magna cum laude in geology at Kent State University.
– PhD in paleontology at UC Berkeley.
– Served on faculties of geology and biology at Yale, and biology at SDSU for 34 years.
– Research centered on the evolutionary history of mammals and extinction, especially that including dinosaurs.
– Directed the graduate studies of some 20 students, serving on many other thesis committees, and advised countless undergraduates in research.
– Led over 30 field expeditions in the American West and central Asia.
– This research supported by over 24 grants from National Science Foundation, Civilian Research Defense Fund, National Geographic Society, etc.
– Author or co-author of almost 200 articles, chapters, reviews, and comments including multiple pieces in such prestigious journals as Science and Nature.
– Author or co-editor of seven books with the eighth Origins of Darwin’s Evolution: Solving the Species Puzzle Through Time and Place out summer 2017 from Columbia University Press.
– Since becoming emeritus in 2011 has turned to the history of science.
– Honors: J Willard Gibbs Fellow at Yale, Paleontology Society Distinguished Lecturer, Fulbright Scholar in Russia, Phi Beta Kappa, University of Texas Langston Distinguished Lecturer, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
– In addition to writing, he collects Darwin books and papers, is a member of two bibliophilic groups (Zamorano in Pasadena and Grolier in New York), a local town/gown group Scholia, and the oldest US honors society Pha Beta Kappa.

History of science

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 to Friday, May 26, 2017