Insurance, safety, and healthcare

All doctoral students, including international students, must register with the Italian National Health Service, before commencing their program. Registration must be renewed annually at their own expense (€700 per calendar year) and communicated to It is essential to specify the calendar year of payment on the receipt. To register, students can visit the nearest Local Health Authority (ASL) with their passport, tax code, and documents related to their residence permit. This registration is a prerequisite for participating in the doctoral program.

Non-EU students receive additional health insurance for the first year to facilitate obtaining a residence permit. It covers medical expenses incurred during hospitalization. Students must pay medical expenses in advance and request reimbursement from the insurance.

All doctoral students benefit from insurance coverage for accidents and civil liability during the program, including periods spent at a hosting institution. In case of an accident, it is important to report it to the doctoral office and submit documents to the SAS as evidence.

During mobility abroad, doctoral students are covered if there is an agreement between UNICAM and the hosting institution, up to a maximum of 18 months after completing the doctoral program.