International Dimension

PhD scholarship increase for periods abroad

All doctoral students receiving a scholarship are entitled to an increase in their funding for periods of mobility abroad, for educational and research purposes, exceeding 30 days. The increase amount to 50% of the scholarship for each month spent abroad. The request procedure must be initiated in advance by the course coordinator, in agreement with the doctoral student and supervisor, using the available forms at the link.

The request must be submitted in due time to

The hosting institution must certify the actual completion of activities at its premises. Such certifications can be sent to in a single solution at the end of the mobility experience or monthly. In the former case, the scholarship increase will be disbursed after the transmission of the certification; in the latter case, payment will be staggerered according to the frequency of transmission of certifications. The Host Institution may be required to sing a Commitment Agreement prior to mobility, initiated by the supervisor and course coordinator, subject to approval by the Faculty Board and transmission of documents to This procedure is also applicable to training and research experiences at other institutions within Italy.

Mobility and missions

Thesis co-supervision

Thesis co-supervision is a form of internazionalization specifically aimed at doctoral candidates (third cycle) and involves the issuance of a dual degree that is recognized in two different counties. It is governed by specific agreements between institutions. The co-supervision program requires undertaking a research period alternately at UNICAM and the partner university. The doctoral thesis, supervised by two supervisors, is defended at a single location and according to the regulations set forth in the agreement.

Special international mobility projects

UNICAM has protocols and agreements in place for international mobility involving various components of its academic community, including doctoral students. In the presence of specific agreements implementing actions in favor of doctoral students, positions/scholarships may become available within the framework of specific mobility agreements.