PhD Call Preannouncement - Added on 30/06/2022

PhD Call Preannouncement - Added on 30/06/2022

The University of Camerino will provide qualified candidates the opportunity to apply for a PhD Degree that combines high-quality studies and a unique research network in Italy and abroad. 
At least n. 52 scholarships, mobility experiences, access to research facilities, experiences of research and training inside and outside the Network: this is all part of the research and training opportunity that University of Camerino may offer to winners, within the conditions laid down by European and Italian Laws and Regulations in force.
The Phd courses and curricula are:

·         Architecture, Design, Planning

- Architecture, Theories and Design

- Innovation Design

- Sustainable Urban Planning and Inland Areas Development Strategies

·         Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology

- Chemical Sciences

- Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Sciences

·         Computer Science and Mathematics

- Computer Science and Mathematics

·         Legal and Social Sciences

- Civil Law and Constitutional Legality

- Fundamental Rights in the Global Society

·         Life and Health Sciences

- Molecular Biology and cellular Biotechnology

- One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and the environment with attention to inland valorization)

- Nutrition, Food and Health

·         Physics, Earth and Materials Sciences

- Physics

- Physical and Chemical Processes in Earth Systems

- Materials Sciences.

·    Neglected and poverty-related parasitic diseases in a one health perspective

*Phd Course managed in collaboration with further italian universities: University of Pisa, University of Brescia


·         Natural hazards and disaster risk reduction

*Phd Course managed in collaboration with further italian universities and research institutions, in the framework of the REDI (reducing risks of natural disasters) consortium: University of Camerino, Gran Sasso Science Institute, National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology-INGV, National Institute of Nuclear Physics-INFN.

More detailed information on the PhD call will be released in a few days, with reference to the applications, requirements, research topics and submission processes. 

data di pubblicazione: 

Thursday, June 30, 2022 to Tuesday, July 5, 2022