PhD scholarships

Doctoral students can be enrolled with or without scholarship, following the selection procedures.

For those who receive the the scholarship, it is disbursed according to the provisions of the Call for Applications, with deferred monthly instalments, starting from the beginning of the course. 

A personal bank account is required for receiving the scholarship and any expense reimbursements, with the IBAN to be provided to the UNICAM Administration.

In addition to the three-year scholarship, there are charges borne by the University that provides the scholarship, research budgets, and increases for mobility abroad. The research budget is also available for students without a scholarship and can be used according to the provided Guidelines (

The scholarship may be incompatible with other forms of income, according to UNICAM regulations. 

Registration for the INPS separate insurance is required for students with a scholarship, with contributions automatically deducted and paid directly by the University. Any other fund registration must be reported during enrollment