Research budgets and missions

The national regulations and internal rules of the University of Camerino (UNICAM) ensure to each doctoral student, with or without a scholarship, a research budget in Italy and abroad, amounting to no less than 10% of the scholarship amount. The amount is determined to national regulations, UNICAM's internal regulations, and the type of doctoral program.

The research budget is available for activities from enrollment to the end of the program for all doctoral students affiliated with programs with a single location or administrative headquarters at the University of Camerino.

Expenses, whether for mobility, purchases, or other purposes, should ne planned in advance (the technical lead time for purchases by the relevant offices is not immediate).

Doctoral candidates' missions are conducted in accordance with UNICAM's "MISSIONS" Regulation, the doctoral regulations, and the Guidelines for the use of the research budget, available at the link.

Missions must be directly relevant to the candidate's training and research and must be authorized in advance by the Course Coordinator and supervisor.

The portal for requesting mission authorization and subsequent reimbursement of mission expenses is available at the link.

Reimbursement of expenses requires technical processing time; therefore, doctoral candidates are advised to take this into account.