Teaching activities and personal plan

Our doctoral program is structured to offer a comprehensive and enriching pathway. Here's an overview:

- Duration: The program is divided into three years, with the possibility of adaptations for specific courses.

- ECTS: Students must complete a total of 180 ECTS.

Year 1:

- 40 ECTS dedicated to research, with an annual report.

- 10 ECTS in transversal education activities to acquire multidisciplinary skills.

- 10 ECTS in vertical educational activities, including participation in seminars and conferences.

Year 2:

- Same structure as year 1, but with a greater emphasis on research.

Year 3:

- 50 ECTS dedicated to thesis development and degree attainment.

- Transversal educational activities to acquire transferable skills.

Study activities, such as seminars and courses on specific topics, are organized by the course Coordinators.

It is imporant to note that associated or nationally interesting doctoral programs and scholarships regulated by specific agreements may have changes compared to the standard described above. The Coordinator of the reference course can provide further details on this.

Each doctoral student works on an individual plan agreed upon with the supervisor, based on the research project and the general educational plan. The Faculty Board is responsible for ratifications and approvals.

SAS Activities offer cross-cutting activities of interest to all doctoral students, such as research ethics, gender balance, open access, soft skills, and scientific writing. The delivery methods are determined annually by the SAS UNICAM Council.