Withdrawal from the course or forfeiture

PhD students have the option to renounce either the doctoral scholarship alone or the entire doctoral program. To communicate the renunciation of either the doctoral scholarship or the entire program, the relevant form must be completed, available at the link. The communication should be sent via email to postlaurea@unicam.it, to the coordinator, and to the course supervisor.

Decadence from a doctoral program can occur for two main reasons:

1) Loss of the requirements for the status of PhD candidate according to the current UNICAM regulations or according to the participation notice. This loss is determined by the Faculty Board and the SAS Council.

2) Failure to pass the annual evaluation for advancement to the next year, even for scientific reasons.

In the event that a PhD student who is a scholarship recipient loses the legal and economic requirements for the scholarship during the doctoral program, they are ogligated to return the amounts already received in the reference calendar year.

If a PhD student renounces to continue their studies during the year, they forfeit the right to receive the scholarship for the portion not yet disbursed.