Self-certifications, requests for certificates, and confirmations of qualifications

PhD students needing to certify their doctoral path can proceed conveniently through two main tools: self-certification and certification issued by UNICAM.


- Accessing their didactic portal profile and downloading a precompiled template.

- PhD students belonging to cycles 34 can use a free-form template.

- Must be accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document.

UNICAM Certificate:

- Sending a request via a specific form available on the website.

- Certificates for Italy different from those for Public Administrations and private managers of public services require sending the form to

- Certificates for abroad require sending the duly completed and signed form to The certificate will be issued in English with a stamp duty.

- Timelines vary: 7 working days for national certificates, 10 working days for international certificates.

- The Diploma Supplement can be requested with longer timelines (around 30 days).

For further details and guidelines on the shipment of parchment, please refer to this section of the website