Educational Programme

Educational programs are designed to equip the PhD candidates with in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in their chosen area of research, and high-level inter-disciplinary education in the other three curricula.

Training activities are therefore organized following  two major directories.

Vertical: Characterized by specific teaching and training activities that are curriculum specific

Horizontal:  Characterized by theoretical and practical courses  addressing the interdisciplinary   aspects of neuroscience including  brain image analysis, statistical techniques and analysis of large amounts of data (Big data analysis), connectomics, AI approaches.  The PhD students are also trained to scientific writing, dissemination of results, intrapreneurship, career development, public engagement and communication in lay language, research ethics, FAIR data and open science, valorisation of research.

PhD  students will find themselves inserted in scientifically stimulating environments where,

They can participate in journal clubs  and can attend  seminars,  conferences, workshop and summer school specifically dedicated to them. 

English is the language used