PhD Candidate's Career

PhD Candidate's Career

The career of the PhD candidate unfolds along two main tracks:

- Training: According to the guidelines of the respective doctoral program at the time of enrollment, The PhD candidate follows a specific training path.

- Research: In accordance with the presented research project, the PhD candidate acts as an "Early Stage Researcher", supervised by the mentor. If the PhD candidate is funded through agreements or specific programs, their career must also align with the provisions of these agreements.

The administration utilizes the Cineca-esse3 system to manage the personal data and academic activities of the PhD candidate. The Faculty Board is responsible for evaluating and approving the crucial activities of the PhD candidate's journey.

It is the responsibility of the PhD candidate to promptly and formally communicate to the Faculty Board, through the supervisor, all requests and activities relevant to their training and research path (

Activities such as conference participation and publications are recored through a personal diary accesible here.

The PhD candidate is required to follow established procedures to ensure the evaluation and eligibility of all activities relevant to the doctoral journey.

- Enrolment in years subsequent to the first year

- Career suspension, leaves of absence, extensions

- Withdrawal from the course or forfeiture

- Self-certifications, requests for certificates, and confirmations of qualifications

- Teaching activities and personal plan

- Working activity

- Representation

- Research budgets and missions


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